Dataharvest: sharing methods and stories

I’m on my way to this years Dataharvest in Brussels for sharing stories and methods, meeting with good friends and get a better understanding of what is going on right now in other European countries in datajournalism.

Sharing is fun - look here at John Bones and Tommy Kaas at Dataharvest 2012.

Sharing is fun – look here at John Bones and Tommy Kaas at Dataharvest 2012.

Friday the 8th of May at 12 AM I will be at a panel on Farmsubsidy Data, sharing data and stories. I have extracted the data from Denmark and Sweden, and as always the effort to get the data can be followed in this Google Spreadsheet.

At 2 PM I will join a panel on investigative start-ups, telling the experiences of Investigative Reporting Denmark, focusing especially on the difficulties in measuring impact, getting funding, European coordination and timing.

Here are some good links to considerations on measuring impact:

CIR: Impact: From gold standard to convertibility

ProPublica: Non-Profit Journalism: Issues Around Impact

GIJN: Investigative Impact: Making the Global Case for Muckraking

At 3.15 PM I am in a panel on MRSA, where I will share the results of the investigations in Denmark. I have gathered the actual situation in a recap here:
Results of coverage of swine-MRSA in Denmark

At Saturday 9.30 AM we will do a recap of the Farmsubsidy panel – see data here.

At 10.45 AM I will join a panel on special situations with Freedom of information. In the case on getting information out on MRSA-infected pig-farms we have faced a lobby-organisation taking the final decision to court, postponing our possibility to get the data and demanding a lot of money to participate in the court case. We face also authorities considering court-cases after they have lost the battle and are forced to deliver the data and documents. A Danish overview of both cases is collected at the Danish FOI_network, Aabenhedstinget.

During lunch I will join a discussion on the EU Open Data portal under the nickname of “The Open Data Coffee club”. Last year I stressed out journalists wishes for data.

Besides that I will be training in three workshops:

Saturday at 2 pm:
Open Refine:
Training Material with new exercise.
New exercise

Sunday at 9 am:
Importing PDF

Sunday at 10.35 am:

At last years Dataharvest, I shared these links and training materials.

Paulina Pacula made this interview with me last year at Dataharvest: “Data journalism is a must”. Nils Mulvad on new trends in journalism

Together with Margo Smit I represent the Global Investigative Journalism Network on the conference and will share my impressions on the GIJN website.

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