We’ve been collecting data since 2000. Much of our data goes 15-20 years back in time.

If you don’t have a data set, we can often get hold of it.

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We combine the best from three Worlds. We look at data with the eyes of a journalist. We analyze data using all kind of methods. And we understand, where results are relevant for others.

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We have trained journalist round the World in Data Journalism and Investigative Journalism for more than 20 years. Focus is on methods and training at high quality.

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We make interactive presentations of high quality.

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Latest news

Leader of the state trial farm at Tystofte, Gerhard Deneken and former minister of agriculture Eva Kjer Hansen shows the story on GMO corn. Photo: Danish Ministry of Agriculture.

GMO files – Following the results of a failed trial in Europe

Sometimes investigative reporting is just luck. For me, it happened with a story on Monsanto and a trial in Denmark on genetically modified organisms. GMOs are an especially controversial topic in Europe, as several people fear that the modified genes of crops might have long-term health effects. Because of this, Monsanto and other companies have found it difficult to […]

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25 Tips for Everyday Digging

By Bruno Ingemann & Nils Mulvad Some of the best tips and techniques come out of the annual meetings by our colleagues in Scandinavia, and this year is no different. More than 600 participants attended the SKUP conference in Tønsberg, Norway, on April 8-10. Among the presenters: Bruno Ingemann, editor in chief of Jysk Fynske Medier […]

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Training at Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Lillehammer 2015

Tommy Kaas and Nils Mulvad conduct training and participate in some sessions as speakers. Here we have collected links to all of our material from the conference. Thursday 8th of October 12.30-13.30: Networking session on Environmental Reporting Nils Mulvad together with Subhra Priyadarshini from 15.00: Teaching Computer-Assisted Reporting. Nils Mulvad will do a presentation. Other speakers will be […]

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