About the company


Tommy Kaas and Nils Mulvad analyze and present data.

Kaas & Mulvad are specialists in finding news in data and creating analyses that set the agenda. We sell data, data analyses, and data visualizations, and have established the monitoring platform KM24.dk.

We have completed assignments for a wide range of media in both domestic and international markets, and we also undertake many tasks outside of the media industry. Every year, we organize 25-30 open continuing education courses – primarily for journalists and other media industry employees, but also for others. Additionally, we organize in-house corporate courses by agreement.

Kaas & Mulvad was founded by Tommy Kaas and Nils Mulvad. We are both journalists and have spent many years working with computer-assisted and analytical journalism.

Kaas & Mulvad has offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus. We have close cooperation with media and press organizations in both domestic and international markets. We are part of an international network for global investigative journalism.

Aarhus | Ellebjergvej 25 | DK-8240 Risskov
Copenhagen | Porcelænshaven 6B, 1.th. | DK-2000 Frederiksberg C

Tommy Kaas:

Cell: + 45 27 26 88 18

Email: tommy.kaas@kaasogmulvad.dk

Twitter: tbkaas


Nils Mulvad:

Cell: + 45 51 50 48 08

Email: nils.mulvad@kaasogmulvad.dk

Twitter: nmulvad