About the company


Tommy Kaas and Nils Mulvad analyze and present data.

Kaas & Mulvad are specialists in generating news and finding patterns from complex data and present it on the web. We have a strong connection to the media industry but we have customers outside the media establishment as well.

Kaas & Mulvad was founded by Tommy Kaas and Nils Mulvad in January 2007. Our expertise is based on years of practical work with computer assisted and analytical journalism. We are involved in Danish and international organisations for investigative and computer assisted journalism and we were co-founders of DICAR – Danish International Center for Analytical Reporting.

The offices of Kaas & Mulvad are located in Copenhagen and Aarhus. We work closely with media and press organisations in Denmark and abroad and we are part of an international network promoting global investigative journalism.

We collect, analyse and present data – and we always consider the assignment journalistically. We teach and give presentations, e.g. concerning advanced research methods, data mining, analytical techniques and preparation of maps for the internet.

Aarhus | Ellebjergvej 25 | DK-8240 Risskov
Copenhagen | Porcelænshaven 6B, 1.th. | DK-2000 Frederiksberg C
Tlf. + 45 70 20 07 44 | post@kaasogmulvad.dk

Tommy Kaas:

Cell: + 45 27 26 88 18

Email: tommy.kaas@kaasogmulvad.dk

Twitter: tbkaas


Nils Mulvad:

Cell: + 45 51 50 48 08

Email: nils.mulvad@kaasogmulvad.dk

Twitter: nmulvad