EU Fish Subsidies fail

EU subsidies to fish industry has not achived a fall in fishing capacity in the seven years 2000-2006, which was the goal of the the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance (FIFG). This is the main conclusion in a new report from Pew Environment Group.

New report from Pew trustable Fund

New report from Pew Environment Group

This has contributed to the worsening status of some stocks and has hindered the recovery of other stocks, as well as having had associated negative impacts on marine environment.

Fishing capacity in the EU fleet was reduced by 3 percent in terms of gross tonnage and 7 percent in terms of engine power (kW) over the seven years of the programme. These reductions are insufficient to make any significant impact on the imbalance between fishing opportunities and fishing capacity, particularly with estimated 2–3 percent annual efficiency gains through technological improvements.

FIFG support for the construction of around 3,000 vessels and the modernisation of nearly 8,000 vessels, compared to the scrapping of 6,000 vessels (a large proportion of which were small inshore vessels from Greece and Spain), is expected to have resulted in a net increase in fishing capacity.

Overall, around 54 percent of total FIFG funding was under measures that are identified as having a neutral or unclear impact on fishing capacity, with 29 percent under negative measures (vessel construction and modernisation) and just 17 percent under positive measures (scrapping and temporary cessation of fishing activities).

Kaas & Mulvad have contributed with statistical analysis to this shadow evaluation.

The report also have special sections for these countries:

Denmark I France I Germany I Greece I Italy I Poland I Portugal I Spain I Sweden I UK

See the conclusion and the whole report here.

The data is the result of a request for data to the EU Commission. Data is published om

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