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We are proud to tell that Kaas & Mulvad just was mentioned as an example of an innovative watchdog media. It happened, when Paris-based scholar, teacher and investigative author Mark Lee Hunter last weekend was doing a presentation at the SKUP conference in Norway. SKUP is the Norwegian investigative journalism organization.

The presentation was based on a working paper Mark Hunter as a part of the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre recently published. The title of the working paper is “Disruptive News Technologies: Stakeholder Media and the Future of Watchdog Journalism Business Models”.
The working paper is free and can be downloaded from
The working paper describes, how the decline of the news industry is rooted in a vicious circle of financial leveraging leading to capacity cuts. Hunter and the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre argue that the future of watchdog journalism is directly linked to stakeholder media, which will furnish a growing share of the public and the revenues necessary for investigative reporting.
The report has several key points including:

  • Revenue streams for watchdog media are splintering and diversifying. The news industry’s classic model (advertising plus circulation equals revenue) no longer suffices to ensure the industry’s growth.
  • A key part of the future of watchdog journalism enterprises, in the short- and middle terms, lies outside the news industry.
  • The relationship of journalists to their audience, and the value that is created for both, is undergoing a paradigm shift that will benefit watchdog journalism.

And as an example of “innovative watchdog media” the report mentions Kaas & Mulvad.

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