Boost in farmsubsidy millionaires

Millionaires went up from 1040 to 1212 – expected to grow to more than 1400, when we get the full list from Portugal and UK. Press coverage of this years data harvesting festival for was really good. Several medias round Europe used the material prepared by the festival in Brussels 3-4 of May 2010.

Adrian Mogos, Gavin Sheridan and Sebastian Mondial doing the last preparing before release in Brussels.

Both Tommy Kaas and Nils Mulvad joined the festival – Nils as responsible for the overall harvest of data. During the 2 days we also celebrated the fifth anniversery of – formed  3rd of May 2005. At the festival 17 people from 11 countries worked on getting the data out and harvesting the first stories in the data.

At the festival we also formed the network of CAR-journalists in Europe –

The press release on the results of the festival: harvest-festival-press-release

The list of millionaires:

Analyzis of all countries openness on farm subsidies:

Brigitte Alfters blog on EU-Observer with links to all the press coverage of the release.

Jack Thurstons overview of all press coverage.

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