Meet five of our customers

Jan Birkemose, chief editor of the weekly newsletter Ugebrevet A4:

“We have worked closely with Kaas & Mulvad for many years. This has resulted in numerous high-profile stories, that have only been possible because Kaas & Mulvad possess world class technical skills and creativity. Kaas & Mulvad’s journalism work what Messi and Ronaldo mean to football. Therefore they are undisputed one of the A4’s key partner.”

Rasmus Nielsen, chief editor of

“Kaas & Mulvad have developed and delivered a database-generated overview of how the Danish parliamentary members vote, and how often they are absent from voting. Collaboration has always worked to our satisfaction. Both when it comes to security and accuracy and attention to our editorial needs.”

Geir Terje Ruud, Editor-in-chief at Ekstra-Bladet:

“ uses Kaas & Mulvad to many tasks. One is the daily extraction of smiley-data from the Food Inspection Department in Denmark. After the extraction Kaas & Mulvad display the data on a google map at our website. We also use Kaas & Mulvad to hrlp us handle big datasets or to support our qulified journalists in complicated research. They help us find the way into the data passing bureaucratic borders.”

Jonas Højlund, news editor on Fagbladet/3F:

“During the last four years we have used Kaas & Mulvad to a long list of projects on research, analyzis and data presentation. Several of these projects have been nominated to awrds. One project got the digital Bording Award. When Kaas & Mulvad helps on a task, we are sure, we get one of the best solutions, on the edge of what is possible in data analyzis and -presentation.”


Terkel Svensson, project manager on Ritzau:

“Kaas & Mulvad developed and ran together with us in a couple of years from 2007 our first systematic and automatic news suveilleiance. We collected news from a series of webpages every minute. It was a milestone in our struggle to break most relevant news stories as fast as possible. Today the system is further developed, tuned and fully integrated and indispensable for us in the fight to be first with most of the news.”