Get the European data – use them for journalistic stories

European data to be used of journalist was presented by Crina Boros, Reuters-Thompson, and Nils Mulvad, Kaas & Mulvad, at the VVOJ-conference 8th of November 2014 in Kortrijk, Begium. Photo: Nils Mulvad.

Wishes for data:

  • Raw data (not aggregated), fast published and updated
  • Standard formats (xml, json, csv, etc.)
  • Comparable from country to country and
    not in different structures and content from country to country.
  • Areas of interest for the public, not just marketing
    of EU
  • Not EU trying to do the interactive graphics – leave that to news medias and  non-profits

Getting the data

  • Scrapers
  • Access country by country (environmental data)
  • Access from EU

Links to data

Contribution of links from Crina Boros, Reuters-Thompson:

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