We’ve been collecting data since 2000. Much of our data goes 15 years back in time.

If you don’t have a data set, we can often get hold of it. And we’ll need to add more text to give some balance.

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We combine the best from three Worlds. We look at data with the eyes of a journalist. We analyze data using all kind of methods. And we understand, where results are relevant for others.

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We have trained journalist round the World in Data Journalism and Investigative Journalism for more than 15 years. Focus is on methods and training at high quality.

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We make interactive presentations of high quality.

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Latest news

12 journalist working to get the practical methods of data journalism to work for them at DeloData. Journalist and project leader of DeloData at Delo, Anuška Delić, in front.

Free or cheap data tools for a newsroom

Basic free or cheap data tools can be used by newsrooms. This is my list of advices after five days of training at the daily Delo in Slovenia with the aim of making it possible for them to work on data stories with free or inexpensive tools and a lot of new data.   The […]

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Nils Mulvad, Paul Myers, hotel-tekniker og Irene Jay Liu kæmper for at tilslutte Pauls PC til projektoren.
Foto: Matikas Santos.

Huge impact of first investigative journalism conference in Asia

I was responsible for the data track on the first investigative journalism conference in Asia, taking place in Manila, Philippines from 22th to 25th of November 2014. It was a huge succes, binding the participants together in methods of journalism. The special Asian touch to investigative journalism began with the opening speech by the former […]

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Get the European data – use them for journalistic stories

European data to be used of journalist was presented by Crina Boros, Reuters-Thompson, and Nils Mulvad, Kaas & Mulvad, at the VVOJ-conference 8th of November 2014 in Kortrijk, Begium. Photo: Nils Mulvad. Wishes for data: Raw data (not aggregated), fast published and updated Standard formats (xml, json, csv, etc.) Comparable from country to country and […]

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